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MindWander was designed by a therapist with more than ten years of experience. 

This box is different because you'll get a workbook filled with practical strategies in addition to self-care items.


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Designed by a therapist,  each monthly box delivers a workbook filled with information, activities, and practical strategies.

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Join our supportive online facebook group!  Work through the monthly skills with others just like you!

What people are saying! 

I've tried several self-care boxes before and this is the first one that it's actually worth it! -Silvia J.

I have to say I am very impressed. It is very obvious that these items were carefully curated to go with this months theme. I mean they have included EVERYTHING you need to start your journey into "Mindfulness"!! This subscription is TOP NOTCH. - Carmen E.

The box not only includes awesome pampering items for yourself, but an activity and a workbook that keeps you occupied for the month until your next box arrives. The carefully selected items are so thoughtful I almost cried when I opened my first box! - Madelyn M.

I absolutely loved all of my items and the booklet that came with my package! Couldn't be happier! -Rachel K.

What a fabulous idea! It's such a treat to receive a monthly package focused on self-care that is designed to assist us in our #therapyjourney. I definitely recommend the Mindwander Subscription box to add to your therapy tools! -Dr. Shawn Horn @drshawnhorn


What is the MindWander Mini mailer?

MIndWander Mini is a limited version of the full MindWander Box.  The Mini includes the same mini-workbook and 1-3 items from that month’s box. It ships in a colorful mailer envelope. 

Can I upgrade from the Mini to a Box?

Of course! We can change your subscription for the next month as long as we receive your change request by the end of the month.

What will I get in the box? How is it related to the theme?

MindWander is self-enrichment in a box. Each box includes a mini-workbook filled with therapist-designed worksheets, exercises, and activities to help you reach your full potential.

We include a wide variety of high-end products to make sure you're always surprised and delighted.  A box might include high-quality candles, luxury bath and body products, stationery, pens, mugs, aromatic tea or coffee, home decor, jewelry -- and more! 

Our psychologist-curator makes sure every element relates to that month’s theme. Some items are symbolic (e.g., pulling on floral socks in the morning to remember to practice a “growth mindset”). Other items are direct skill enhancers. For example, use the pen or notepad to journal or jot down notes related to the skill (e.g., applying a “growth mindset” to a stressor at work). 

How is this box different from self-care?

Self-care often focuses on improving the moment with candles or relaxation.  MindWander incorporates self-care elements in many of our boxes-but we go well beyond. We offer practical strategies to address major life challenges like anxiety, low self-confidence, depression and stress. 

You learn real life hacks and coping strategies. Items from the box enhance and reinforce the theme. 

Our box is also different because it introduces you to a community of other people who can encourage you on your journey. That includes our founder, who moderates the community and helps guide the candid conversations. 

What if I can't find my package?

We ship using USPS and provide tracking info for every shipment. If you need that number or need help tracking your package please let us know. We will help you track your package. Please note, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please make sure to have your subscription delivered to a secure address or location. If your package is lost after delivery we will do our best to help you locate it but the best course is for you to contact your mail carrier and/or local post office.

What if I don't like my box?

Pat of the subscription box experience is discovering great new products you won't find in stores!  Our themes will explore familiar life challenges and also delve into areas that may not be top-of-mind for you. We guarantee there will be something in each box you’ll find useful.  If you're not happy, please email us right away and we'll make it right. 

You can cancel your subscription at any time.